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Re: Re: feature: to add explanations of recommendations and suggestions dependencies

So there's some positive response. Where is a good place to pursue this further? Is this a debian policy change?
I think there's no need for a Debian policy change to start.
You should start by finding a proper way to put the recommendation and suggestion explanations in package control files.
One way which might work would be to add a "Recommendation" field defined as
Recommendation: package, explanation
but this would require using the same field name several times. I believe this wasn't done yet. I don't know if the field names should be unique. If putting the same field name twice is seen as a redeclaration, this is a problem that would need to be investigated. Otherwise, you can choose binary package control file user-defined fields, such as XB-Recommendation and XB-Suggestion and start using it... Get a few packages to use the fields and add support for them to package management tools.
Start advertising the fields.
If it's successful, request the fields to be added to Debian policy.

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