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Re: Upcoming changes to supported architectures

Michael Casadevall wrote
> kfreebsd-* is pretty close to releasable; they've got the archive
> built in the high 80s, and are keeping up).

BTW, it may be worth noting that a bunch of packages still include
<linux/...> headers: in the Failed part of hurd-i386, 178 packages out
of 1320 fail at least because of inclusion of #include <linux/...>
(there could be others hidden by other compilation problems). That's
2.29% of the 7748 packages in our wanna-build database!... And we still
have 1952 packages in the dep-wait state, a lot of them probably include
<linux/...> too...

Some of these packages could probably be fixed into automatically
disabling some linuxish features, or use more standard headers (like
sys/types.h...), but still a bunch of tools use <linux/kd.h> for a
very good reason. The 95% figure may have to be revised unless we ask
non-linux ports to implement linuxish interfaces...


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