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tools/ and dftp on mirrors


unless someone has a *very* good reason (and is willing to do the work)
we are planning to kick the tools/ directory from our mirrors, as well
as the dftp*.gz files in project/misc.

 - They are useless nowadays. If someone wants to install Debian from a
   windows system they use some cd image. Or that goodbyemicrosoft.com
   tool. But i cant believe anyone is really downloading zipped files,
   extracting them with the tools we provide and then doing stuff with

 - dftp - look at the source. Might have been useful - before apt
   existed. Or it might have been the prototype for dselect or apt. :)

If you want to keep any of them: 

"Adopt" them, meaning - upload a Debian package with the source, where
one binary generated from it goes into the archive, another file
(tar.gz, zip, whatever) is byhand and provides what should be in tools.
And do that soon :)

bye, Joerg
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