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Re: Bug#493972: ITP: etherpuppet -- create a virtual interface from a remote Ethernet interface

OoO  En ce début  d'après-midi nuageux  du mercredi  06 août  2008, vers
14:38, Guus Sliepen <guus@debian.org> disait :

> Ok, I see now that only one side of the etherpuppet tunnel uses a
> tun/tap device, the other side copies everything to/from a real Ethernet
> interface.

> Still, the other tools I mentioned can all handle Ethernet frames. In
> fact, tinc can be compiled to connect to a real Ethernet interface
> instead of a tun/tap device, so it might already have the capability to
> do what etherpuppet does. The advantage of these tools is that they can
> provide encryption, and some of them can connect more than two endpoints
> together.

etherpuppet  is just  a tiny  tool  (one .c)  that does  one thing.  The
documentation of  tinc does not mention that  it is able to  attach to a
real Ethernet  interface. It just  mentions bridges which won't  help in
our case.

> The reason I urge you to consider having upstream merge his
> functionality with one of the others is that otherwise there is yet
> another tunnel tool out there.

As stated by others, etherpuppet is not really a tunnel tool. It is just
a way to make a remote interface a local one. No routing, no switching.
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