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Re: Mass bug filing: init script "status" action

Quoting Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org):

> I think the combination of a Lintian check plus filing wishlist bugs with
> patches for each init script where you've tested the modifications is a
> good combination.

The Lintian check could include a small example of what to do in case
this can be generic enough.

Of course, doing so *will* lead to maintainers copying/pasting the
example to their init scripts so the example has to be generic and
functional enough.

But I really agree, anyway, that a lintian check is certainly the best
way to achieve this.

Indeed, this would perfectly qualify as a lenny+1 release goal...:-)

Back to the topic: one of the mentioned "initial" bug reports was sent
against samba (#488275) with very good interaction with the bug
submitter (he proposed a patch, we^WSteve criticized it, and we nearly
converged on something we could decide to implement post-lenny).

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