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Re: procinfo maintainership

Bernd Zeimetz wrote:
> Thanks for the info. As I wasn't able to find any other email adress or
> activity from the maintainer, I've orphaned the package and it will be
> listed within the orphaned packages on http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/
> soon. So you could either adopt it and take care of it on your own...
    If I were to do so (or find a maintainer) would they have the option
of obsoleting procinfo-18 and replacing it with procinfo-ng ? The old
procinfo code is a) grotty b) very very 1990's C c) broken on 64bit
platforms d) many features are broken e) other features are pointless on
2.6 kernels (cat /proc/filesystems, done as a every 2 seconds poll? wtf?)
Procinfo-NG is a) hopefully more readable b) At least early-2000's C++
c) Working on 64bit x86 and 32bit x86 (don't have any PPC or SPARC Linux
boxen to test on yet) d) fixed some broken features e) added new ones f)
never implemented the more odd features like polling /proc/filesystems
and /proc/modules

    If there are any questions over the maintainership of the
procinfo-ng upstream codebase, I'll open it to other interested developers.

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