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Debian PopCon & Linux Counter: Statistics

Dear list,

today I got a reminder from Linux Counter [1] to update my registration.
Since their announcement in 2001 [2] it seems that the amount of 
registered users didn't grow much - as opposed to the perceived growth 
of GNU/Linux popularity.

It is mainly interesting to view statistics on how GNU/Linux is spreaded 
over different countries, distros etc. Maybe a cooperation with 
Popularity Contest could be of interest, providing an anonymous 
auto-registration with this package?

What do you think? Are you registered yet?

[1] http://counter.li.org/
[2] http://www.linux-community.de/Neues/story?storyid=1953

P.S.: It is quite easy to estimate the real amount of Linux users within 
some homogeneous population if you know what proportion of actual Linux 
users is registered at li.org.

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