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Re: Debian release versioning

On 2008-07-12T23:45:29+0200, martin f krafft wrote:
> True, but lenny+1/2 breaks with stable update rules (it contains new
> packages); the question is whether users care. :)

There more than one cluster of users, and there are other stakeholders 
such as derived distributions.

I ran testing and at times unstable on a machine that was shared between 
myself and my spouse.  

It worked great for me as I had current libraries and applications.  
Rarely did anything break, and when they did someone usually had a 
ticket filed on it before I got it.  Defects were usually fixed quickly 
as both the debian maintainer and upstream developer(s) cared about the 
current version of their package.

The constant change was very frustrating for my spouse though, and when 
something broke she was dead in the water.  To her using anything but 
stable made things unreliable with no upside.

And I bet there are clusters of users that are interesting in only 
certain packages being cutting edge, and the rest stable would do just 
fine.  For a developer the cutting edge may be your editor and compiler.  
For the database administrator the key may be having all the databases 
and versions of databases installed etc.


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