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Re: Package management unsafe?

On Sat, 12 Jul 2008, Frank Lichtenheld wrote:

> On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 11:48:03AM -0400, Michael Casadevall wrote:
> > Maybe a check should be added to APT to flag a warning if there has been no
> > updates for a significant period of time? That way if a mirror ever does
> > that, its more detectable.
> That really doesn't make any sense for stable users since our point
> releases aren't exactly weekly ;)

It wouldn't be a huge deal to re-sign the package list every n days
and warn if the package list was signed more than n+r days ago. [This
would even be useful to handle properly mirrors which are just out of
date even without nefarious behavoir.]

Don Armstrong

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