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Re: gnome, kde, xfce use non-policy main menu

Wouter Verhelst dijo [Wed, Jul 09, 2008 at 12:12:23AM +0200]:
> The separation of a Debian menu and a "desktop" menu has been seen by
> some as a feature. I remember a post on Planet Debian by one of the
> GNOME maintainers (although I don't recall who it was) who explicitly
> said that he would not like to see non-GNOME applications in the GNOME
> menu but outside the Debian section. It is not unreasonable to state
> that it may be confusing for people to have a menu containing both GNOME
> and non-GNOME applications on a shared system; after all, different UI
> toolkits often have different UI guidelines and concepts; mixing those
> is not necessarily a good idea.

Maybe the menu name should be changed - All of the applications that
appear both in the desktop-specific and in the Debian menu are
Debian-provided. I think the Debian section should be renamed, to
avoid confusion, to "not desktop-integrated" or such.

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