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Re: Bug#482528: heimdal-clients,krb5-user

> Yeah, I'm reasonably sure that alternatives are wrong for kadmin.
> Editor is intended to be used by a user.  Kadmin is often used by
> users but is also quite often used by scripts.

Well, if alternatives is the wrong approach, let's try an analytical approach:

- heimdal-clients and krb5-user must not both be installed: Clearly, conflicts:
  is indicated. Then both may provide kadmin. It will break no system (they
  can't both get installed right now).
- Conversely, the packages do not conflict. Then they must not both provide
  kadmin. I guess that there is consensus that even neither of them must ship
  - If no kind of aliasing is provided, surely all scripts are going to break.
    It will force users to clean up their scripts. A migration path may be
    provided, but this will just delay breakage.
  - If an alias is provided (be it alternatives or whatever), it will not cause
    scripts to break whenever the link points to the proper kadmin. Determined
    by luck or proper system administration. It will break fewer systems.
    Alternatives at least provide a clean interface to such a shared alias. They
    may be inappropriate, though, as pointed out.

Any options that I'd be missing?


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