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Re: Bug#482528: heimdal-clients,krb5-user

> Hello,
> Can I please have some input into this bug report?
> The report itself seems valid, ideally these packages shouldn't conflict.
> Solving this in such a way as not to break lots of stuff could be  
> awkward though.
> Ideas?

Are you guys really sure that alternatives are so misplaced here?
- Both perform a similar function.
- A user installing any of the alternatives providing kadmin will probably know
  what they are doing (at least so I guess); and (to be checked) using the wrong
  one will do no harm to the Kerberos database, it will just not work.
- update-alternatives --list editor     

  Same command line interface? Definitely not. Same functionality? They all
  modify a piece of text, but that's about it. No need to flame, though, one
  could probably give a lot more examples other than editor.


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