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Re: Please focus on one generic spell checker in Debian (Was: Bug#487732: O: ispell -- International Ispell (an interactive spelling corrector))

> Michael Tautschnig wrote:
> > Debian's Social Contract says that "Our priorities are our users and free
> > software". It does _not_ say that "Debian should tell users what is good".
> > Right?
> >   
> Taken to the extreme, this would mean Debian would still require <insert
> obsolete kernel version here> because some users still need it for
> obscure reasons.
> There comes a point when we can no longer support out-dated stuff any
> more, regardless of what the SC says. At best it takes time and effort
> on maintaining compatibility that could be better spent elsewhere.
First of all I should say that the context of my citation has been errornously
dropped here. I wrote the above in response to the "get yourself a proper
keyboard" thing. But ...

> Should the priorities be for the users who want the old stuff or the
> users who want the new stuff?
... of course Debian must move on and cannot support old cruft forever. In this
very specific case, however, there seems to be a viable alternative approaching
(aspell includes support in its development version, just seems to be a matter
of packaging this one). IMHO it is thus a matter of providing a smooth
transition, like keeping ispell in lenny, and dropping it afterwards. Meanwhile
hopefully aspell gets released.


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