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Arch-dependent Depends


I maintain a set of packages which depend openmpi which is missing on
certain architectures.  To get around the latter problem, I use
arch-dependent Build-Depends to specify openmpi where available and lam
otherwise (though the buildd report for hypre on s390 shows it doesn't
seem to understand this directive).

Because hypre upstream doesn't make static libs, and I got tired of
making a new patch with every release, libhypre-dev is arch all without
static libs.  However, it needs to depend on openmpi on some arches, and
lam4-dev on others.  Using the same syntax as Build-Depends doesn't

Is there a way to do this, or do I need to make libhypre-dev arch any
and set the dep using substvars, even though its contents are
arch-independent?  I notice that Policy section 7.1 provides for
arch-dependent Build-Deps, but there's nothing similar for Depends...

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