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Re: Considerations for lilo removal


On Mon, 2008-06-16 at 13:58 -0700, Mike Bird wrote:
> FWIW, adding "-9" to the gzip in mkinitramfs gives a
> 0.5% saving, which may help with some marginal cases.
> OTOH using bzip2 instead of gzip saves 10.5% but I have
> no idea how much work it would take to support bzip'd
> initrd's.
> --Mike Bird

Ultimately the issue is that initramfs-tools now uses MODULES="most"
instead of MODULES="dep". In the pending upload, liloconfig will advise
changing the config file for initramfs-tools to restore the old
behaviour to create an initrd which will fit in the 8MiB boundary.

I suspect the reason why nobody considered this to be a problem is
because Grub is already running in 32bit mode by the time the kernel is
loaded and booted.

But I could be wrong. After all, I don't speak for the initramfs-tools


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