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Re: bits/news from the users of Debian?

Hello Paul and *,

Unfortunately I have found your message very late...

Let us begin:

Am 2008-03-30 21:51:14, schrieb Paul Wise:
> If you are using Debian on your phone, embedded computer, laptop,
> desktop, server, network, telecommunications equipment or other part of
> your information infrastructure, I'd love to hear from you.

I am using Debian

1)  on a selfmade table PC which is currently  ARM1136  based  but  will
    switch to ARM1176 based one with 600MHz from Freescale or Samsung.
2)  on 4 embedded System using the NXP  LH7A4xx  (ARM922T  based)  which
    control my Toaster, my Bakeoven, a Solarcharger and a 24V DC  Power-
    Distribution Systel

1)  eigth SS10/512
2)  three SS20
3)  one U20

1)  Workstat.:	VIA EPIA LN10000EAG
2)  Laptop 1:	IBM ThinkPad 570 (with working Lucen WinModem)
3)  Laptop 2:	Acer Aspire 1350

Servers running on VIA EPIA LN10000EAG with 1GByte of memory:
4)  Server 1:	<samba3.private>	nfs-kernel-server, apache2, php5
5)  Server 2:	<mail.private>		courier, procmail, fetchmail,
					spamassassin, clamav-ng
6)  Server 3:	<pgsql.private>		postgresql
7)  Server 4:	<router.private>	POT, ISDN, ADSL, SDSL, SkyDSL, 
8)  Server 5:	<lpd.private>		cups
9)  Server 6:	<syslog.private>	syslog-ng
10) Server 7:	<vserver1>		apache2, php5,

1)  Develstat.:	Dual Opteron 280	Running Xen with Sarge, Etch,
					Lenny and Sid

> When replying, tell me anything you want to, but if you can't think of
> anything, here are some ideas to get you started:
> What are you using Debian for?

Office, Server, Development

> Do you have a project (big or small) made with Debian you'd like to show
> off? Even if you think its trivial or uninteresting, we want to hear
> about it! Using Debian for keeping track of your socks might seem
> uninteresting to you, but...

Since end of 2007 I am switchingmore or  less  back  to  my  "Electronic
Engineer" and develop hardware  which  does  not  need  ANY  proprietary

My OWN requirement is: "Developing Hardware which fit the DFSG."

No Software outside of "main" required since  all  my  own  software  is
under GNU GPL version 3.

> What cool package(s) are you using? Did you
> buy a beverage for a Debian contributor at DebConf? Are you using
> packages from a general area of Debian (science, games, development,
> servers)? What about Debian do you think needs changing - do you have
> any specific gripes?
In the last years Debian tend to support mor in more Gnome and KDE  apps
and droping support for Non-Bloat-Ware installations which  make  Debian
more in more uninstallable without recompiling tonns of packages.

> Is there a specific package that needs to be
> maintained better?

One of the packages is "gksu" which now (since Etch) sucks OVER 50 MByte
of useless packages.

> Do you have the popularity-contest package installed
> and working? If not, why not?

Yes on all of my machines...  Since I build  my  OWN  Debian-Install-CDs
with only Packages I use (arround 1056 total plus -dev packages) it is a
"must". to get my own packages pushed into "lower" CD-Numbers... ;-)

Note:   I have Build three 650 MByte CD's for ARM, i386 and amd64 and
        all three CD's have left many space for further packages...

        But I have my OWN Debian mirror @home and normaly use only the

> Are you missing certain packages that are
> not available in Debian, were removed from Debian or are not available
> in the last stable release (etch)? Why are you using Debian rather than
> RHEL/Fedora/CentOS, Gentoo, Ubuntu, MacOS or Windows (or the other way
> around)?

    DFSG !!!

Note 1: Several times I have complaint about missing documentation and
        forgotten, I do not use "contrib" and "non-free".  ;-)

Note 2: I am rewriting (since two years) "bash-doc"...

> Are you making a living using or customising or deploying
> Debian?

Yes, I am Debian GNU/Linux Consultant in Strasbourg and Linux-Developer.

> What are your plans for using Debian in the future?

Make it better.  After geting a new Appartement or something  like  this
I will continue to work on my own software and enhancements and like  to
see some of it in Debian and of course, becoming  a  "Debian Maintainer"
at least for my own packages...

> Did your
> Debian wishlist for 2007 come true?


Yes:  Debian is better then before
No:   Debian force users to much into bloatware (KDE/GNOME)
      which IS GOOD for BEGINNERS but not professionels...

> What is your Debian wishlist for
> 2008?

Building Dual-Packages

1)  <package>
2)  <package>-bloatwaresupport


1)  gksu
2)  gksu-gnome

> What does Debian mean to you?

Mostly:  "Freedom total"

> In what ways do you or do you intend
> to contribute to Debian and free software in general?

1)  Coding Add-Ons/Plugins
2)  create enhancements to existing software.
3)  write documentations which fir the DFSG.  (e.g. bash-doc)

> How can we help
> you to contribute to Debian or free software in general?


> In your replies, please indicate which parts are for debconf, d-d-a or
> d-p. Please also indicate if you would like to remain anonymous, want
> your comments attributed to you or don't care either way.

You can use my full name and e-Mail address freely and the whole
contents of the message...

> I'll read all
> public and private replies and make summaries for d-d-a and d-p.
> Depending on the number of replies and my "real life" situation, it
> might take a while to write up, so please be patient.
> I'm unfortunately monolingual, so if you would like to translate this
> mail to your language and translate replies from users to English and
> send them to me, please feel free to post it to the non-English user
> lists/forums.

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
    Michelle Konzack
    24V Electronic Engineer
    Tamay Dogan Network
    Debian GNU/Linux Consultant

Linux-User #280138 with the Linux Counter, http://counter.li.org/
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Michelle Konzack   Apt. 917                  ICQ #328449886
+49/177/9351947    50, rue de Soultz         MSN LinuxMichi
+33/6/61925193     67100 Strasbourg/France   IRC #Debian (irc.icq.com)

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