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Re: Correct way to rename a binary package

Quoting Luca Capello (luca@pca.it):
> Hi there!
> As explained at [1], I'm in the process of renaming the binary package
> cl-hunchentoot to hunchentoot to more closely follow upstream.  Since
> cl-hunchentoot is not in Etch, if I'm not wrong the new transitional
> package can be dropped as soon as Lenny is released.
> I'll proceed in the following way for debian/control: rename
> cl-hunchentoot to hunchentoot and then create the transitional binary
> package cl-hunchentoot which depends on hunchentoot.
> Is this OK?  Do I need something else?

IMHO, once you get a complete answer, adding this to the DevRef
(assuming it is not already there) could be a good idea.

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