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Re: Packaging a project using cmake

On 2008-06-07, Mathieu Malaterre <mathieu.malaterre@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> And this is where the cmake folks are wrong (I once wrote them a long
>>>> email about it).
>>> link, please ?
>> To Alex Neundorff and Bill Hoffmann.
> I originally wrote the deb plugin, Alex simply integrated in cmake. If
> you've lost the email, I'll check with them.

The content is what I wrote earlier + something more, like:
 - binary incompability between distributions. A package for debian
   should be build on a debian system and so on
    * Different compiler flags
    * Different sonames of related libraries
 - there is as mentioned the dpkg-shlibdeps issue, but also the issue
   with generation of shlibs files
 - Interactino with debian specific changes to other packages

> I had to look at what packages I had installed on my machine. Using
> ldd I just selected a couple of them (I might be missing some).
> As I said I could not figure out what tool was used to dump that
> particular line in the control file.


> ok
> All this is kindda new to me. When I was looking at debian package
> that use cmake to be build, I assumed the value in the control files
> where hardcoded.

Just to make everything clear:  You wrote a tool to bulid debian
packages without actually looking in to the policies for doing debian
packages? And get tools released to actually do this?

> So, I changed my mind, I am not looking into deb-packaging my project
> directly, but instead have the minimum debian specific files that
> start cmake and in the end produce a valid/consistant .deb file. I was
> suggest libopensync, is this a good start ?

I haven't looked at opensync, but usually Michael Banck knows what he is
Another thing to look at could be kde4 or some of the related packages
like soprano.


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