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Re: Changes to the ddpo-by-mail service


On Thu, 05 Jun 2008, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> - I'd like to send an email to people subscribed to packages on the
>   PTS (summary keyword). If you are maintaining packages in Debian,
>   you will only receive one email, with the info for the packages you
>   maintain and those you are subscribed to.
>   This increases considerably the number of emails that I'm going to
>   send (from ~500 to ~1100), but I think that it's a reasonable thing
>   to do: people subscribed to packages on the PTS clearly want to be
>   informed when the packages have problems that might cause them to be
>   removed from testing.
> Unless there's a lot of people telling me "please don't!", I'm going
> to do those changes (remember: there's an opt-out mechanism).

FTR, I believe this change to be fully reasonable as the "summary" keyword
has always been advertised this way:
* summary: automatic summary mails about the state of a package

And the fact that he sends one mail per e-mail instead of one mail per
package makes it even better (far less annoying).

(And of course people can also unsubscribe from the summary keyword in the
PTS if they wish)

Keep up the great work Lucas!

Raphaël Hertzog

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