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Re: Bug#484009: Bug#484129: release.debian.org: packages in tasks should be fixed in priority and removed in last resort after discussion

On Wed June 4 2008 09:36:07 Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>     Package: *
>     Pin: release a=testing
>     Pin-Priority: 990
>     Package: *
>     Pin: release a=unstable
>     Pin-Priority: 500

Downsides include:

(1) Not something a newbie should be worrying about.
(2) Bug reports from Testing+Unstable are less valuable.

An alternative approach would be for packages to be retained
in Testing for the benefit of the hundreds of thousands of
desktop and laptop users who need to use Testing, and for
the few members of the release team to use a filtered package
list.  The filtered package list would become the next Stable.

This keeps Testing as it has historically been - more stable
than Unstable and the best Debian for recent hardware.

--Mike Bird

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