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Re: Bug#484009: removed bugs are marked as 'obsolete'

Le Wed, Jun 04, 2008 at 02:31:22AM -0700, Mike Bird a écrit :
> (2) To a user who wishes to use a working feature of an imperfect
>     package, Debian is better with the imperfect package than
>     This is true even if the imperfect package has an avoidable
>     publicized security bug.

I doubt that in such a simple equation you can grasp the differences of
imperfectness that lead to removal or not. I think that Debian should
not lure its users to use packages for which there is no maintainer who
is willing or able to sustain a high quality across releases. In that
sense, it is much better to remove a package with a fixable bug if there
is obviously nobody behind to fix the next. I trust our release team to
do the removals in the intersts of our users. Actually, packages that
are removed from testing and do not improve or justify their situation
should probably better be removed from unstable as well.

Our packages are free software, so imperfect ones removed from the
archive can be redistributed in third-party apt repository if there is a
niche for this. This way, the decisions of removal can be proven wrong
by user-driven facts.

Have a nice day,


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