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Re: Bug#484129: release.debian.org: packages in tasks should be fixed in priority and removed in last resort after discussion

On Mon June 2 2008 14:39:01 Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Feel free to work on an alternative algorithm to manage testing in a
> different way, fixing what you currently dont like.
> I am sure that, if you get the work done, the release team will take a
> look at it.
> Of course that involves actually doing the work, Im sorry for suggesting
> that.

Hi Joerg,

It is my understanding that the 20-day RC removal is release
team policy implemented manually.  The steps to fix this bug
are therefore:

(1) Identify the problem [done].
(3) Offer a solution [done] - specifically - "don't create 20-day
    removal hints for packages with RC bugs except when its too
    late for a fix to be included in the forthcoming release".
(3) Persuade the maintainer (release team) to accept the solution [WIP].
As you can see, I am doing the work, despite obstruction and
ad hominem attacks from those who should know better.  If
there's code that needs to be updated I'll be happy to send
you a patch if you point me to the source, but my (possibly
faulty) understanding is that release team members were
generating the remove hints manually.

--Mike Bird

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