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Re: Bug#484129: release.debian.org: packages in tasks should be fixed in priority and removed in last resort after discussion

On 11404 March 1977, Mike Bird wrote:

>> > Artificially lowering the RC count in Testing is not always
>> > preferential to keeping Testing in a state amenable to testing.
>> You say yourself that it's not artificially as RC bugs in "new" packages
>> don't get that easily in testing anymore...
> Removing long-standing packages and stigmatizing them as "new" in order
> to keep the RC count down is artificial because such packages are not
> new.  It should only be done very late in the release process if the
> packages are too late to be fixed for the next release.

> You may regard the process as some kind of perverse incentive to DDs but
> the direct consequences of Testing missing long-standing packages is to
> make Testing unfriendly to newbies, annoying for experienced users, hence
> less valuable for testing Debian, hence less valuable for improving Debian.

Feel free to work on an alternative algorithm to manage testing in a
different way, fixing what you currently dont like.

I am sure that, if you get the work done, the release team will take a
look at it.

Of course that involves actually doing the work, Im sorry for suggesting

bye, Joerg
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