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Re: Mouse configuration during installation needs improvement

Well shut my mouth!  I did some testing this past
weekend, as I said I would, and results are better
than expected.  First, leaving things the way I had
them configured (X pointing to /dev/gpmdata and gpm
pointing to /dev/psaux, I unplugged the PS/2 mouse
from the mouse port.  The mouse became dead in both X
and gpm (duh!).  I then plugged it back in again.  It
worked again, both in X and in gpm!  Then I configured
X and gpm both to use /dev/input/mice and turned off
gpm's repeater function.  After restarting both
daemons and verifying that both X and gpm could use
the mouse, I again unplugged the mouse.  Again it was
dead in both X and gpm (duh!).  And again I plugged it
back in and it started working again, both in X and in
gpm, with no action on my part.  I didn't have to
restart the gpm daemon, I didn't have to restart X, I
didn't have to unload and reload a kernel module, etc.
 This is better than I expected.

Of course, this is on a different machine (a Dell
Dimension 4400) than I last tried this on (an IBM
Thinkpad 600).  But I'm impressed.  Theoretically, one
is not supposed to be able to hot swap a PS/2 mouse. 
But it works.  Kudos to the kernel folks.

The repeater function of gpm now appears to be
obsolete, as you say.  I would still like to see gpm
installed by the Debian installer whenever a mouse is
detected on the system in order to allow copy and
paste in a virtual console.  But I'm not going to flog
a dead horse.  The powers that be obviously don't like
that idea.

Thanks to all contributors to this thread.


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