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Re: Large data packages in the archive

Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> writes:

> On 11397 March 1977, Charles Plessy wrote:
>> I have a question about the sources: for big datasets, would it be
>> acceptable that the source package does not contain the data itself but
>> only a script to download it? Since the source packages are not to be
>> autobuilt and the binary packages only available through download,
>> depending on Internet at build time seem to me to be acceptable. (The
>> goal is of course to save space and upload time).
> No, we have to distribute the source. DFSG#2, many licenses require it.
> Relying on some external system to keep the source for us is also a
> no-go.

What about the hack to have the source build-depend on the old -data
package and just copy them around?

Basically the deb would be the source by way of Build-Depends unless a
manual "Update from another source" is selected as described in
another mail in this thread.


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