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Re: Large data packages in the archive

Joerg Jaspert skrev:
 - Packages in main need to be installable and not cause their (indirect)
   reverse build-depends to FTBFS in the absence of data.debian.org.
   If the data is necessary for the package to work and there is a small
   dataset (like 5 to 10 MB) that can be reasonably substituted for the
   complete data package, the smaller dataset should be included in
   main and the package then may depend on "foo-data | foo-data-small".

Hmm. Would anything happen to the current fgfs-base package (200 MB compressed)? This *is* intended to be the minimum data necessary to start FlightGear. The "full" data set, for comparison, supposedly fits on 3 DVDs. (Obviously, so far I have not felt the urge to package that, the users can get that themselves if they want it...)

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