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Packages in section python/perl simply because implemented in python/perl


While browsing packages in aptitude, I ran into some packages that, to
me, seem to be in the wrong section (or at least it's not obvious why
they are in the section they are). Section: python seems to be
especially bad, I wonder if the rationale was just "it was written in
Python". These all are in the python section and I can't determine
from their description why they are there:

bzr-gtk - provides graphical interfaces to Bazaar (bzr) version control
calendarserver - Apple's Calendar Server
clearsilver-dev - headers and static library for clearsilver
epylog - New logs analyzer and parser
fusil - Fuzzing program to test applications
phenny - extensible IRC bot written in Python
planet - Flexible feed aggregator
planet-venus - aggregate feed generator
pootle - Web-based translation and translation management tool
pyslide - Tiny but powerful program to make animated presentations
synce-kpm - KDE device manager for Windows Mobile devices
system-config-printer - graphical interface to configure the printing system
trac-bzr - Bazaar version control (bzr) backend for Trac
trac-mercurial - Mercurial version control backend for Trac
trac-spamfilter - Spam-prevention plugin for Trac
wapiti - Web application vulnerability scanner
wmi-client - DCOM/WMI client implementation

And in Section: perl:

jirc - an IRC to Jabber bridge bot
mapivi - Photo viewer and organizer with emphasis on IPTC fields
openguides - A web application for managing a collaboratively-written city guide
simba - next generation mirroring tool
svk - A Distributed Version Control System
websimba - web interface for simba

(NOTE: Am I the only one who thinks descriptions, especially short
descriptions as in phenny, usually shouldn't tell what language was
used to implement the program? It's just not relevant to the user.)

Well, I don't know if you agree with me that "written in Python" is a
poor reason to put a package in the python section, I couldn't find
anything about it in the New Maintainers' Guide, for example. But if
you do, perhaps a note should be added to the NMG, given how common
this seems to be.


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