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Re: Split a package, rename an init file

Thanks for your answers!

So I guess the best way to do this is to split the package and use dh_installinit --name=foo

This way I can provide the buggy binary daemon in a seperate package (recommended by foo), and keep the name of the conffiles.

Do you think of something else?


Adam Majer a écrit :
Bertrand Marc wrote:

I'd like to split a package foo into 2 new packages : foo and
foo-daemon. To do that I moved the daemon and the other obvious files
with dh_install -pfoo-dameon. I used dh_installinit to install the
init.d file to the foo-daemon package.

Here are my questions : what am I doing wrong ? How can I remove the
/etc/init.d/foo unnecessary file ?

No, you can't just remove /etc/init.d/foo. It is a conffile and may be
modified by admin. You should probably keep /etc/init.d/foo instead of
renaming it foo-daemon.

2 things : I'm an not on debian-devel, and in this case foo = fglrx-driver

Will foo depend on foo-daemon? If yes, why are you splitting the package?

- Adam

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