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Re: Is master unsuitable to receive mail from lists.debian.org?

On Sun, May 04, 2008 at 11:05:31AM -0700, Don Armstrong wrote:
> On Sun, 04 May 2008, Santiago Vila wrote:
> > Executive summary: master.debian.org, where I receive debian email,
> > has stronger spam filtering than lists.debian.org, as master seems
> > to use some kind of "content filtering". As a result, some spam
> > messages distributed by lists.debian.org are rejected by
> > master.debian.org.
> The problem is that the filtering is differential; master.debian.org
> should be reconfigured to either just accept these messages from
> lists, or discard them.

> As listmaster has nothing to do with the mail configuration on master,
> there's not much listmaster can do about it.

I'm not convinced that's really true.

You obviously have some system that generates the messages based on
bounces and that records which message bounced.  If many subscribers
bounce the same mail that's a good indication that it's spam.

Perhaps instead of sending these content-free notes that we're going to
be unsubscribed some time, after some undisclosed number of bounces,
listmasters could consider these messages as hints with which to adjust
the spam filter used.

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