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Re: NewInEtch / NewInLenny


* martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [080429 18:55]:

> There used to be http://wiki.debian.org/NewInEtch but it's gone
> without a trace, [..]

There are still some Translations:

> [..] and I can't figure out how to ask moin to tell me
> where it went. Does anyone know?

http://wiki.debian.org/NewInEtch?action=info doesn't work :(

> Also, along the same lines, are we keeping a NewInLenny list
> somewhere? If there isn't one already, we should start one!

Not yet.

> I am willing to do so, but don't want to duplicate work. I don't
> insist on doing it, so if you think this is a good idea and want to
> have a go, please do.

Well, it was just an (more or less) ordered list; nothing much to duplicate.

We had the following categories:
* New features
* New packages (most important ones)
* Updated packages (most important ones)
** for desktops
** for servers
** generell system packages
* Internal changes
* removed packages
* renamed packages
* splitted packages

Yours sincerely,

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