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Re: Extending the update-rc.d API to change runlevel and disable scripts?

[Luk Claes]
> Isn't this just a matter of stopping the service and renaming the S (K)
> links to s (k) links so one can easily revert?

Probably not.  When only stop symlinks are present, one need to know
which runlevels should keep the stop symlinks, and which should be
changed.  I suspect the easiest way to revert to the default settings
is to remove all the packages start settings (update-rc.d -f script
remove), and reconfigure it to let the postinst script call
update-rc.d to enable it again.

For dependency based boot sequencing, the default runlevel settings
are in the LSB header in the script, while for the rest it is in the
postinst script.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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