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Re: intend to hijack GnuPG


>> Various people can't reach him[2]. On the other hand, he seems to be
>> active on Ubuntu[3], he joined to Launchpad security this january at
>> least. Moritz Muehlenhoff noted[4] that it should be hijacked and get in
>> shape for Lenny. Thus I have created a preliminary package[5] which
>> fixes some important bugs and get v1.4.9 to the archive.
>> Does the Release Team allow this hijack, should I upload it as an NMU
>> instead or just leave it alone?
> I think this is a very good initiative. However, I encourage you to
> setup a collaborative project for this (on Alioth, with repository,
> mailing-list, etc.). Several people have expressed
> interest in helping to maintain Gnupg and this is certainly something
> that should, from the start, be maintained by more than one person.

What's the status here? Is there a team being setup, or anybody else
working on gnupg?

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