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Compie ProFtpD on etch

I have installed the proftpd package on etch.

I need to use mod_ban so got hold of the sources and with some
research managed to patch with the debian patch (at least I think I
did - dpkg-source didn't report any problems and I ended up with a
debian subdirectory).

However, the configure script sets defined variables such as
PR_RUN_DIR to something in /usr/local and it needs to be different to
this to comply with what the standard installed package has in place.

I have tried to use

./configure --help

to get an idea of what I can include on the command line but it
doesn't seem to have any hints on how I can change #defs.

For example, I need to be able to use the existing \etc\proftpd
\proftpd.conf config file with my new build - I just want the new
build to sit on top of the old one.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to compile in the correct paths

Many thanks all,


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