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Re: Bug#475971: This is caused by LDFLAGS being set in the environment (by dpkg-buildpacakge)

Adeodato Simó wrote:
> After a bit of inspection, the root of this FTBFS seems to be
> dpkg-buildpackage having set LDFLAGS in the environment (even to an
> empty value, mind you).

Two of my packages were affected by this uglyness, too.
If you use LDFLAGS as _make_ variable to build up the linker flags you
need, for some reason this _make_ variable is now exported into the
environment, resulting in this weirdness.
I'm not sure where the sense behind all this is - I prety much know when
I want to have such flags in the environment or not, there's no need
that dpkg helps me with that.
For one package I used unset on all this environment nonsense in the
build target, for one LDFLAGS was renamed to LINKER_FLAGS. I'm pretty
much annoyed that those hacks are necesary at all.

Just another, untested change in dpkg which resulted in a lot of
unnecessary FTBFSs.

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