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Bug#475971: This is caused by LDFLAGS being set in the environment (by dpkg-buildpacakge)

After a bit of inspection, the root of this FTBFS seems to be
dpkg-buildpackage having set LDFLAGS in the environment (even to an
empty value, mind you).

The generated Makefiles set 'LDFLAGS = -z,defs', and as LDFLAGS was
previously in the environment, this new value is exported to processes
spawned from make.

Python's distutils honour LDFLAGS, and when building the python
extension passes -z,defs to the linker, and the build obviously bombs.

I guess the solution is to accept LDFLAGS is to be exported, and to make
the part that builds python be robust against that.

CCing -devel as a generic place so that reading it may save somebody
somewhere some work some day. ;)


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