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Re: Can we remove sylpheed-claws?

On Saturday 19 April 2008 14:46, Michael Meskes wrote:
> >From what I read sylpheed-claws has been superseeded by claws-mail. In
> fact the description of the latter says:
> Claws Mail is a powerful and full-featured mail client formerly called
> Sylpheed-Claws.
> So is there a need to keep the old one around? It is orphaned, has 32
> open bugs and offers software that is no longer supported by upstream.
> The last meaningful maintainer upload was in 2006.
> On top of this sylpheed-claws is the only package needing cryptplug and
> gpgme, two packages with no upstream activity since 2003 both of which
> have a release goal bug open.

FWIW, sylpheed-claws was removed from Ubuntu before the last release for 
exactly these reasons.  AFAIK, there were no user complaints.  It really 
should have been removed shortly after sylpheed-claws-gtk2 was introduced.

Scott K

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