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Re: Rejected: epcr_2.3.9-1.dsc: sha1 check failed

Le 17 avr. 08 à 13:04, Roberto C. Sánchez a écrit :
IMO, that sort of misses the point.  While I maintain quite a few
packages in Debian, the only places I run unstable/testing are in one VM (for testing/reproducing/fixing bugs that I cannot reproduce in stable)
and in some chroots.  The point is that I should be able to build my
packages inside of a pbuilder or other type of chroot, sign the package
on my host system and be reasonably sure that my package will be
accepted into the archive. If the archive software breaks compatibility
with the current stable release of (insert name of whatever tool is
affected, specifically devscripts in this case), then it looks bad on

The problem is the same with lintian, that you need to backport regularly. (Lintian being arch:all, of course, that's much easier). Of course it would have been great to have the devscripts backport before the dpkg update, but it the ten day period leading to devscripts transitioning to testing/bpo, it's easy do use, e.g., pbuilder login to sign your packages. Inconvenient, but easy.


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