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Re: missing package conflicts

On Wed, 2008-04-16 at 15:44 -0400, Daniel Schepler wrote:
> I'd be interested in seeing how there can be 75 package pairs with shared file 
> names which coinstall successfully.  In the case of a Replaces making that 
> possible, I'd say that the package with files being replaced should usually 
> have a bug report submitted to get those obsolete files removed.  On the 
> other hand, if there's a diversion involved, that seems fine.

These are surely cases of diversions.  Diversions aren't visible in
package metadata, since they're carried out by the preinst script.  The
only sure way to check for them is to have dpkg run the script, which
the final figure of 27 conflicts is based on.


Ben Hutchings
Life would be so much easier if we could look at the source code.

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