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missing package conflicts


The following list contains packages that fail to install at the same time
since one package tries to overwrite a file owned by the other package:


In these package pairs, (at least) one of the two packages must declare 
a conflict with the other package.

I will file bugs soon (hopefully before leaving on [VAC] on 18/4). One
interesting question is: against which of the conflicting packages
should the bug be filed? The less popular one according to popcon? The
more recent one in the archive? The one with the more active

Here is how the clashes were detected:
1) generate from the Contents file a list of package pairs that contain 
   at least one common file.
2) use pkglab (one of the EDOS tools, debian packages are pending) to select
   from the list obtained in (1) those pairs of packages that are installable
   at the same time when looking only at dependency relationships.
3) try installing the packages obtained from (2) in a sid chroot.

Some statistics for amd64/sid:
- 2432104 files listed in the Contents file
- 867 package pairs that contain at least one common file
- 102 package pairs that contain at least one common file, and that are
  co-installable according to the EDOS criteria
- 27 package pairs that fail to install together due to attempted file


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