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GnuPG: Maintainer inactive?

on the 1st of April I wrote an e-mail to James Troup offering my help in hunting
down open bugs which are no longer present an thus enabling him to concentrate
on packaging GnuPG 1.4.9. But his last action regarding this package is well
over an year old and the only updates I can see in the PTS were made by the
Security Team. And before I forget to write it: I didn't receive an answer.
So my question is: Is James known to be inactive? Are there others currently on
the task to get a new version (upstream has 1.4.9) into Debian? Is there
anything I can help (I'm certainly not suitable as a maintainer for that package
myself, because it's too essential to be entrusted to someone who is unknown to
(nearly) all people on this list) with, e.g. by triaging bugs?

Should this question already have been discussed somewhere, please point me to it.

Thank you in advance for your reply(s).

Kind regards,
Kai Wasserbäch


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