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Plib, shared libraries issue.


I'm currently in the process of adopting plib and would like some
advice regrading it's shared/static libraries.

Upstream, plib is built as a set of static libraries due to the nature
of it's use, i.e. a set of helper libraries that programs will only use
part of. The Debian package currently has shared libraries that have
been 'hacked' on top, (#475331 and #470503 are relevant to this).

Currently I have fixed the way this has been done by patching the
build system, so that shared libraries are produced properly.

But this presents two questions:

1. Should these shared libraries be built, or should it just stick to
static libraries as upstream intended?

2. If shared libraries /are/ built, should they all be in one package
(there are 13 libraries in total), or should they be separated, and
also what should be done about the sonames of the libraries and the
name of the package(s)?

(I have CC'd this to the maintainers of the packages that currently
rdepend on plib, namely simgear, supertuxcart, stormbaancoureur,
fgfs-atlas, flightgear and torcs. Any feedback from you would be much

Thanks in advance,
Bradley Smith

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