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Re: Bug#475361: ITP: chkconfig -- system tool to enable or disable system services

Osamu Aoki wrote:

>>> 5. chkconfig works well with the new insserv.
>> Could you elaborate on that? What's the problem with sysv-rc-conf and
>> insserv?
> Really, I do not use neither but when I was updating Debian Reference
> for newbie, I thought such tool should help.  There were more oroblem
> using it for me.  I use mc for such task when I feel lazy on typing.
> Osamu

I don't have any objections against chkconfig being packaged for Debian.
I simply wanted to know, why Peter considers it superiour to other
alternatives and if I should reconsider using sysv-rc-conf (which I have
used and recommended to others up until now).

If insserv is really enabled by default for lenny, and chkconfig is the
only tool working properly with insserv, then we should recommend
chkconfig over other tools.


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