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Re: Adding init.d dependencies mostly done, next step is testing

[Lucas Nussbaum]
>> updated to document that such headers should be included, and a text
>                                         ^^^^^^ must?
I am all for requiring it, yes. :)

>> It would be useful to check
>> automatically all init.d scripts in the archive for dependency loops,
>> perhaps regularly.
> How do you do that currently? Couldn't you use the lintian lab in
> gluck:/org/lintian.debian.org/laboratory/ for that?

So far, I have discovered loop using testing or reports from others
doing testing, and then figured out how to resolve them by looking at
the dependency graph generated by
/usr/share/insserv/check-initd-order.  I have nod been able to look at
automatic checking so far.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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