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Re: triggers wishlist

Josselin Mouette schrieb:
> On lun, 2008-03-31 at 02:09 +0200, Michael Biebl wrote:
>> update-icon-caches/update-desktop-database would have to be made
>> triggers-aware and install a triggers control file
>> (e.g. interest /usr/share/icons or interest /usr/share/applications [1])
> Actually, for icons, I’d say that a package shipping a theme should
> install a trigger for /usr/share/icons/$theme.

There are *a lot* of packages installing icons into /usr/share/icons.
What's the benefit of having to update all these packages if we can
address it by simply fixing *one* package (libgtk2.0-bin)?

If only libgtk2.0-bin ships the triggers file this has the added
benefit, that we don't generate trigger events if update-icon-caches is
not installed (e.g. if you run a KDE only desktop).


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