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Re: dpkg triggers, dpkg hijack

Ian Jackson wrote:
I apologise for boring everyone with this again.  But it has been two
more weeks and Guillem is still nowhere near finishing his artwork.
There has also been no effort by Guillem or Raphael to negotiate with
me; they have ignored my postings to debian-dpkg.
If I was approached with the same aggressive tone that I'm seeing in your mails here, I'd ignore you too.

Your work may be technically sound but you really need to improve your communication skills.

In your position, I'd probably be afraid of receiving the "Joerg Schilling award".

Also, I'm waiting for your proposals (or even actions!) for resolving the problems that the Technical Committee is facing, as you previously mentioned. You are, after all, the oldest member of the commitee and the only one that ignored its existence because of those "problems", so far.


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