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dpkg triggers, dpkg hijack

Since my semi-hijack on the 9th of March, Guillem has been hard at
work repainting the bikeshed.  He's been reorganising the changes
between pre- and post-triggers dpkg into a different series of patches
and no doubt reformatting the code too.

I'm sure we'll all agree that this work is all vital.  It is essential
that the bikeshed is painted according to this baroque and
multicoloured masterpiece (which Guillem is putting lots of time into)
rather than my plain shade of dull brown (finished months ago).

The bikeshed colour scheme is obviously more important than:
  * Triggers
  * Breaks support in dselect
  * Numerous bugfixes

All of which could have been uploaded weeks ago if the ftpmasters
were willing not to stand in the way of my hijack. [1]

The bikeshed colour scheme is also more important than:
  * Time for package maintainers to deploy triggers
  * Time for testing the new triggers functionality

That work could have started seven months ago if they had been able
to stomach my rather boring shade of brown.

I apologise for boring everyone with this again.  But it has been two
more weeks and Guillem is still nowhere near finishing his artwork.
There has also been no effort by Guillem or Raphael to negotiate with
me; they have ignored my postings to debian-dpkg.


[1] The package, 1.15.2, is still available here:
It's all ready and signed and everything.  All that is needed is for
someone to ftp it to incoming, and for the ftpmasters to accept it.

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