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Re: A suggestion


Le Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 08:35:51AM -0700, Mike Bird a écrit :
> Debian is losing users and relevance.

This does not match the results of the "popcon" survey. It could be
that Debian would gain users slower than other distributions, but this
claim would need to be backed by a serious study.

Also, as Ubuntu seems to be the point of focus for this comparison, I
would rather add their users rather than setting them in a separate
count. I have prepared packages and fixed bug in Debian for Ubuntu
users, and I guess I am not the only one on this list.

> The next DPL should have a solid plan for reversing Debian's decline.
> If this means that some architectures fall by the wayside for lack of
> interest then so be it.  Better to lose several 0.1% architectures
> than for Debian as a whole to continue the slide towards irrelevance.

I think this is a confrontational presentation of the problem because it
supposes that there must be a loser. While I also think that trying to
build the whole Universal Operating Sytem on non-universal hardware is a
source of unnecessary and unrewarded stress and efforts, I feel that the
way to ameliorate Debian is to make its internal processes more
fault-tolerant, which is the exact contrary of dropping an arch.

Have a nice day,


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