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Re: Debian refpolicy and core SELinux package update


On Wed, 19 Mar 2008, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         I am beginning to come back from a deadline crunch on my day
>  job, and start paying attention to my Debian packages again; so
>  hopefully the state of SELinux in Debian will improve -- at least, I'll
>  try to be more reactive in the future.
>         anyway, kick the tyres, look at the Debian diffs with regards to
>  the upstream refpolicy.  We should have a dialog about which changes
>  need to be purged, and which should be fed upstream.

FYI, it looks like some folks at Tresys did work on SELinux support in
Ubuntu hardy (their next "long term support" release). You thus might want
to check out the Ubuntu diff (assuming upstream packages are in sync) for
possible improvements.


Ideally, you might also convince the Tresys people to work directly on
Debian so that both Ubuntu and Debian benefit from their work. :-)

Raphaël Hertzog

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