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Re: autoconf AC_FUNC_MKTIME breaks with gcc 4.3

Adrian Bunk <bunk@stusta.de> writes:

> I just tried compiling the emacs22 package from unstable with gcc 4.3, 
> and ran into an issue similar to what Martin described back in
> May 2007 for another package in #425544, with the following differences:
> - it's not an infinite loop but a one minute hang
>   (see the alarm() in conftest.c)
> - the build therefore proceeds, but emacs wrongly assumes there's no
>   working system mktime()
> - Martin said it's "a bug in older versions of autoconf", but as far
>   as I can see these older versions include the latest upstream
>   version and also the Debian package in unstable

The Debian package for autoconf in unstable is the piece of this
puzzle that is within my power to fix, and so I have uploaded
autoconf 2.61-7 with this patch.

When this kind of thing comes up, please feel free to file a bug
against the autoconf package.  I do my best to fix important
problems as soon as I can.  It's easy in a case like this where
an upstream fix has already been committed.
Ben Pfaff 

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