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Re: Re: How to install Suggested (Was: Are all recommended modules equally important?)

On Wed, 19 Mar 2008, Don Armstrong wrote:

    So you do something like:

    apt-get -o APT::Install-Suggests=true install foo; or similar.

    [Though it probably should be an easier option, it is possible to do.]
Well, this hint was given now in the initial thread on Debian-Med
and well, this actually would be an option - but if I fail to find
this documented in the man pages I posted I think it is not
apropriately documented.  I also was sure that it is _possible_,
but IMHO this is (1) a quite difficult option for a feature that might
be needed by users who do not want to dive into details of apt and
(2) not properly documented.

Do you think that I should file (1) and (2) as different wishlist
bug reports or is it rather one single problem.
Different problems, though fixing 1 may make the fix for 2 useless...
  Or am I the only
one who thinks this is a real problem.
...but I don't think it's a "real" problem. If someone is looking for such an option, that must be because selecting suggestions is not implemented. Which would be because apt-get is rather deprecated in favor of aptitude. So I think the right fix would be to implement a way to select suggestions in aptitude (if that's not already done, I don't use it).
  I'm a little bit reluctant
to add a further bug to apt which just has gathered anough that
might be considered as hot air.

Kind regards


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